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Location: Pontotoc, MS 38863 

  • Delivery Method: USPS or Pick up (address will be given upon ordering)
  • Owner: Megan Cooper
  • Phone: 6624191408
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I love seeing my happy customers! If you would like to submit a photo to be highlighted on the website and/or Facebook, please send it via email, text, or Facebook Messenger along with your name, the name of the item, and the date taken. Any child's face will be replaced with a smiley face to ensure their anonymity unless you state otherwise. 


All items purchased through The Southern Nest are handmade with the highest quality materials. Customers are made known of this and understand there is a possibility of defects with materials. The customer agrees to this when he or she pays the invoice that is sent to his or her email. With that being said, The Southern Nest cannot be held responsible for any injury, harm, and or death that may result from defects or damages to any product a customer receives.