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Baby Nest- Bumblebees

Baby Nest- Bumblebees

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This nest has a matching quilt! Bumblebees Quilt

Uniquely made to give baby a feeling of safety and security during playtime.

Can this be machine washed?

Yes! All items are washed and dried before shipping. Please wash on delicate and dry on medium heat

What is the size?

This nest is suitable for up to 18mo. Inside area size: 10"-12" wide x 30-32" long (the ends can be extended to provide extra leg room). For comparison, Doc-A-Tot has the Deluxe (8" wide x 21" long) for 0-8mo. and the Grand (12" wide x 34" long) for 9-36mo.

Is the cover removable?

Yes! This nest’s cover has two zippers that allow you to remove the the insert. You can also order an additional cover to be used with the insert while this cover is being washed! Visit the custom order form to order a second cover.

How do I safely use the baby nest?

Baby nests are non-sleep products and not designed, marketed, or intended for sleep. Always ensure that baby is lying flat on their back with their chin facing upward. It is recommended that baby, no matter the age, be supervised while in the nest, and if baby falls asleep, immediately move them to a safe sleeping location such as a crib or bassinet.